Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kuta beach

Kuta beach

Kuta is in the southern part of Bali. It is 15 minutes drive from the Airport. Kuta is the most crowded area in Bali, because this area has the best beach with its beautiful sunset view and lots of hotels. It is also the centre of entertainment... there are pubs, bars, restaurants, dischoteques, live entertainments, shopping centres etc. The nightlife in Kuta offers a thrilling range of activities with plenty of clubs and bars.

The white-sandy beach, Kuta beach, is the main tourist attraction in this region. I love this beach. It is beautiful. You can walk along the beach, sunbath, surf, or swim within certain area of the beach. Do not miss the sunset. I like to walk along the beach and usually just sit down, enjoy the wind and see the surfers surfing the waves. Do not forget to bring and apply your sun protection lotion. Bring extra clothes if you want to swim in the beach.

A temple in Kuta beach

Other thing that you can do is walk along Kuta, Poppies and Legian streets. You can find lots of shops around this area. They sell clothes, handicrafts, jewellery, shoes, music CDs, paintings or exotic wood carvings. It is more expensive though to shop in this area. If you want to buy clothes, paintings, statues or other art works, I suggest you to go to Sukawati market. And again, you need to bargain to get the reasonable prices.
You also can visit the 2002 Bali bombing memorial on the site of Paddy's Pub on Legian street. My deepest sympathy to all the victims and their families.
There are lots of budget/ low cost accommodation located in Poppies 1 & 2 streets. Along these streets, there are many small restaurants or cafes offer local or western cuisines.

Well, you should not miss Kuta beach if you come to Bali...Hmmm... I think nobody will miss it as it is a very popular beach!

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